X (Dead Meat Podcast Ep. 164)

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Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Пре 24 дана

Chelsea and James talk Ti West’s X, a deeply sad, deeply horny movie.
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BG Probably
BG Probably Пре 21 дан
"Get in that barn and start fuckin' we're losin' daylight" got me ROLLING
Colleen Gaw
Colleen Gaw Пре 21 дан
I love when Wayne says to Lorraine “you don’t want to give the old man a heart attack do ya?” And she does💀
barb richards
barb richards Пре 21 дан
Brittany Snow continues to be one of the best parts of the horror movies she's in, Would You Rather, Prom Night remake, and now X. this is such a good cap to her horror movie cinematic universe trilogy. we stan! more of her on the channel pls
Hamish Пре 21 дан
Chelsea "there's not as much sex in this as you'd think"
Paris Paal
Paris Paal Пре 14 дана
I also noticed in the scene where Jenna Ortega’s character says she wants to be in the movie, everyone other than Maxine looks shocked at her decision. It felt like such a real reaction and a good lead up to Maxine’s backstory with her dad
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor Пре 21 дан
Chelsea’s Kill Count was fucking awesome!!
teks notdead
teks notdead Пре 21 дан
My only concern with Pearl is I think her being a bit of a psycho at the age of 20 or whatever kind of takes away from age being such a big factor to their actions in X.
Taegan Evert
Taegan Evert Пре 21 дан
I saw this comment about X that said something like “Ti West saw his Grandparents having sex and made a whole movie to exorcise that demon.” I think it was the perfect review.
New Horror Squad
New Horror Squad Пре 21 дан
Wait, is this going to be a kill count as well? I loved everyone’s acting and want all the behind the scenes info.
Kita A
Kita A Пре 21 дан
can't believe you guys skipped over the scene where Jenna's character goes down to the basement, and when she pulls the chain for the light it CUTS right to Wayne's eyes being pulled out of his head. THAT scene got me lol. just the sound of the chain and then seeing that was so good. and also the flickering of the scenes back and forth I really liked.
Cash Пре 21 дан
Lorraine’s hint was the nail biting. It foreshadowed the finger crushing scene
Amah Пре 21 дан
Im pretty sure RJ’s hint was the mention of psycho being his favorite movie. Im not sure about Lorraine’s though
patrick charles
patrick charles Пре 21 дан
"X" was a true callback/homage to Grindhouse cinema/late 70's and early 80's slasher genre. it genuinely felt like those films. Mia Goth nailed it playing duel roles as the protagonist/antagonist. love this movie.
fournierman Пре 21 дан
I usually have trouble seeing the deeper meaning in movies. That is why I enjoy podcasts and reviews like this. It helps me to understand the movie beyond the surface level.
Denise Matthews
Denise Matthews Пре 21 дан
I responded the way Chelsea did the very first time I saw X . I connected immediately. My reasons may be different. I’m 65, and what hit me was the aging theme. There was a sadness to it in terms of how our bodies fail us with old age, how we are not what we were at one time in our life. I absolutely loved it, and can’t wait for Pearl to see what kind of messed stuff she’s into in her young age!
thisthatandmatt💫 Пре 21 дан
On the way to the cinema my fiancé asked what it was about. I said “a 70s porno movie”. He responded “why can’t you ever just give me a serious answer.” You can imagine his face shortly into the movie. He had no idea 😂
邱繼平 Пре 21 дан
Chelsea: Expectations were high
Megan Girczyc
Megan Girczyc Пре 21 дан
Chelsea got that bomber jacket she wanted from PA: next of kin!! It looks amazing :D
Kaine Brooks
Kaine Brooks Пре 21 дан
A24 is seriously on a roll this year already. Between X and Everything, Everywhere they've already got two of best 2022 releases imo
Robert parks
Robert parks Пре 21 дан
What stands out in this movie,is not only the direction from Ty West,it's that the characters arnt assholes,they are all pretty likable
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