Trick 'r Treat (2007) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Пре 4 године

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Пре 4 године
►Happy Halloween! My goal is to get you one video about Universal Horror Nights and another about my Halloween party. Here's hoping I can do it!
T1J Пре годину
Funny to see James having trouble counting kills in 2017 before reviewing the Purge films. So innocent.
The chicken nugget Lord
The chicken nugget Lord Пре 2 године
The cool thing about this movie is that there is no specific killer, there’s just a lot happening
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts Пре годину
Sam is just the cutest creature thing in that movie. Also I like how he only kills people who don't like halloween
Grady Pusateri
Grady Pusateri Пре годину
When you realize that Red Riding Hood turns out to be a werewolf...
Smurfberrry Пре 2 године
The real question is
*Ax is a clown*
*Ax is a clown* Пре годину
Ways to not die:
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace Пре 2 године
ok but seriously why is Sam such a cute little monster?? literally loved when all he wanted was the candy bar
Tay Skip
Tay Skip Пре годину
I love how Sam looked at the little girl who LITERALLY JUST LEFT HER FRIENDS FOR DEAD and was like
Identity Stealer
Identity Stealer Пре годину
Years later I’m still watching this and I still find Sam adorable
Faith Hill
Faith Hill Пре годину
Fun fact: Laurie, the woman in the red riding hood costume, is played by Academy Award winning actress Anna Paquin, the voice of Sheeta from Castle in the Sky.
ErebusTheDragon Пре 2 године
Can we all appreciate Charlie’s death description,
Vincent kudelycz
Vincent kudelycz
this movie is literally what John Carpenter wanted for his Halloween Films.
FusionZGamerr Пре 4 године
This channel is quickly becoming one of my favorites along with FoundFlix :D
dieconic Пре годину
If Sam only kills people who doesn’t like Halloween then I’m completely fine. Edit: wow there my dudes thanks for the likes and comments!
Jordan McCoy
Jordan McCoy Пре годину
I love the fact that Daniel and her friends aren't the typical mean older sister and rude girls. Daniel clearly really loves her sister trying to help get her a date, showing genuine concern for her safety and being proud of her for losing her 'virginity'
Angelo Mordini
Angelo Mordini
The party girls being werewolves was a cool twist. That and I love how all the characters are connected in some way, and cross paths
Coral Пре 2 године
Honestly sam is so adorable I don’t care how weird crazy’s is or how many people he killed he’s adorable and I would totally adopt him lol
L. Пре годину
The older video of James seems like he's in a presentation of some kind while the more new videos feels like he's talking to his audience like a friend reminiscing about the movies that he watched.
SolrSurfr3 Пре 2 године
Sam’s 4 Rules of Halloween
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