The Thing (2011 Prequel) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Пре 4 године

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Пре 4 године
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just another anime profile pic
just another anime profile pic Пре 2 године
The worst Part about the cgi is no one actually working on the movie wanted to use it ,they even made practical effects, but the studio demanded cg
farout cici
farout cici Пре годину
You can tell the difference between older kill counts and newer ones, he’s really come to life in his narrations over time
Pandroo Пре годину
I think the worst thing about the CGI, is the fact that they filmed all the "Things" practically, then completely comped them out and made them CG.
Jackson Mann
Jackson Mann Пре годину
A movie: uses CGI
Petes Thename
Petes Thename Пре годину
Everyone making Among Us references, but only true OGs remember the True original, Trouble in Terrorist Town.
ShadowAkatora Пре годину
The best thing about the original is that we never really get to see the monster.
Lewis Darley
Lewis Darley Пре 4 године
The fact you're able to upload these a lot more is fucking excellent man
Domenick boucher
Domenick boucher Пре годину
One absolutely critical flaw this movie made was NEVER removing the POV from Winstead's character, giving the audience someone they could always trust. The '82 version had a 10 minute(or so) segment of Macready going outside and you not seeing him, so when he gets back even the audience is suspicious of him.
The Guarding Dark
The Guarding Dark Пре годину
"So want do you want to watch for movie night?"
Wonder Punk
Wonder Punk
As a huge fan of the original I really liked the prequel. I do think it was a huge mistake not to have practical effects, and some of the cgi was really horrible. I just really enjoyed seeing more of the story though and wasn't really bothered by it's shortcomings.
Jess Frey
Jess Frey Пре годину
I always thought, when they were arguing about the metal fillings and some people didn't have any fillings, why not just pierce their ears and make them wear an earring? Earrings are also rejected by the Thing so it should work, if anyone's earring goes missing you know, not eveyone would have fillings but a pierced ear you can do anywhere.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Пре годину
It's so ironic that the only guy who doesn't speak or understand English is the only survivor. If it had just been someone else they guys in the 82 movie wouldn't have died
SatanicBarbeque Пре 2 године
Being a prequel, they really should have named this "who goes there?" Like the original short story. Who goes there? The thing.
Auditorial Пре годину
Art designers: Uh yeah, we made all the practical effects, everything is good to go.
Damien Holland
Damien Holland Пре годину
The story was actually well executed and seemed to line up perfectly. The problem was I didn't care about the characters. They didn't have any emotional impact at all like they did in the 82 version. The second big problem was they kept ripping the same ideas from the original as you stated. And the third problem was overreliance on CGI instead of practical effects.
niemanic Пре годину
Considering the shoes it had to fill, this was a solid prequel. I had low expectations for it and was pleasantly surprised.
White Asian
White Asian Пре годину
It really sucks that they used CG instead of practical effects especially since the practical effects that were originally gonna be used looked incredible!
dllon hill
dllon hill Пре годину
Channel of Mojos
Channel of Mojos Пре 2 године
It saddens me James didn't mention that the CGI wasn't the fx crew's fault. They made everything practical, the studio forced them to cover everything up with CGI and too fast hence the quality. Check out Harbinger Down, made by the team that made the practical effects that were thrown out. Which is why they made Harbinger Down. Heard it's not great but it shows the quality of practical effects the team produced.
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