The Purge: Anarchy (2014) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Пре 3 године

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Пре 3 године
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Fishy Fishy
Fishy Fishy Пре 3 године
Imagine killing someone’s sister or something and then after the
serein de la cruz
serein de la cruz Пре годину
when i first watched this movie , i honestly teared up a bit after it was revealed that eva's father sacrificed himself to get money for them. i hate seeing kind-hearted grandpas die onscreen.
TheGamingBaconator Пре годину
That ending makes me want to see what a hospital is like during The Purge
Michael J.F.
Michael J.F. Пре годину
bobbison dobbison
bobbison dobbison
“All crime is legal”
MintyMagic Пре годину
“All crime is legal”
Duncaster Пре 3 године
I always wondered why everyone kills each other during the purge. If all crime is legal steal some good shit or something.
Zak Sharman
Zak Sharman
R.I.P Michael K Williams. You died at far too young of an age. We'll miss you dude and all the work you did.
SquooshyCatboy Пре годину
“Anorchy! Anorchy? How you say, oh Anarchy!”
Saucy Yikers
Saucy Yikers Пре годину
"All crime is legal."
Gabriel David
Gabriel David
"Anorchy? Anorchy? How you say- Oh! Anarchy!"
Kevin M
Kevin M Пре годину
“All crime is legal”
Jay 2k
Jay 2k Пре 2 године
The real way to survive the purge: go to Canada and be homeless for a night
Chosenmaple 99
Chosenmaple 99 Пре 2 године
James: If you show a guy with a flamethrower, there has to be a kill with a flamethrower. It’s the law!
Lily James
Lily James Пре 2 године
The Hamilton reference at the beginning just about floored me
“Every crime is legal”
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore Пре годину
Can we just stop with the “all crime is legal” memes and appreciate how smooth that Hamilton reference was
Ayoskiesfn Пре годину
This channel all in general, all the people behind the scenes literally made my quarantine so much better. Thank you James
Onyx Savior
Onyx Savior Пре годину
“All crime is legal.”
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