The Final Destination (2009) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Пре 2 године

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Пре 2 године
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Alurine Melduene
Alurine Melduene Пре 2 године
Dying is easy, young man. Writing actually likable characters is harder.
Laverne Bennet
Laverne Bennet
Man, I feel terrible for Samantha's two kids, watching their mom die in front of them like that. Wikipedia also says that they were the ones who put the rock in front of the lawnmower, so that's definitely gonna leave some trauma.
CataraTheGato Пре годину
George didn't deserve to die, carried the movie like a champ
Mel T.
Mel T. Пре годину
So we're not gonna talk about how Laurie started coughing up blood because her LEG got crushed?
Leg-ace-y Пре годину
The only thing I've learned from these movies is that you live longer if you're an introvert and don't partake in any social functions.
Connor Golsong
Connor Golsong
I think Samantha and George were the only people I felt bad for in this movie. Samantha was just a mom trying to live her life, and George felt like a real person.
Chanh Milner
Chanh Milner Пре 2 године
Love when he does a kill count of a movie he hate. Hes so sarcastic
ChicaPizza29 Пре годину
the pool death is the only death in every horror movie I've known that makes me uncomfortable and disturbed
Mushroom Wings
Mushroom Wings Пре годину
"And now that racist guy is dead."
Imagine a Final Destination movie, where the main character is an immortal. That would be hella interesting
Wentao Guan
Wentao Guan Пре годину
"My bum is on the drain! my bum is on the drain! The pressure keeps building, and its causing lots of pain!"
Serenity Gaming
Serenity Gaming Пре годину
How about the fact that he saved an entire theaters worth of people who would have died in that explosion? They're all gonna die later on from strange, unexplainable ways.
Friday!! 🌻💉
Friday!! 🌻💉 Пре годину
Final Destination logic: If the wind starts blowing, you're basically screwed.
Zack Boren
Zack Boren Пре годину
This movie is a perfect example of "great idea, poor execution". Hunt's kill is still one of my favorites.
GiDD Пре годину
The pool part is scarier when you find out people die like that all the time. I read a book about unusually common deaths and man, I’ve never looked at pools the same. Lol
I like how when they think death has given up on them, they drink shampagne and seem super happy and carefree. Like, wouldn't you be at least a
Mysti Dawn
Mysti Dawn Пре годину
Fun fact speaking of spontaneous combustibles, when I was younger, like 3rd grade or so, when I first learned what spontaneous combustion is, I thought it was just so cool for some reason lol and told my teacher that I wanted to be a spontaneous combustion when I grew up lol
Dylan Hase
Dylan Hase Пре годину
The “spontaneously combustible” barrels had me dying. How didn’t anyone see that and think “that’s the dumbest thing I ever seen. We need to change that sticker”?
Josh DeLaRosa
Josh DeLaRosa Пре годину
“I’ve been trying to kill myself all day!” I really liked that line-delivery 😂
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