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Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Пре 4 године

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Пре 4 године
Confused as to why this reupload is here? Watch this for more info:
Veoloux Пре 2 године
literally everyone could have been saved with relative ease, if Jeff wasn’t slower then a stationary object
Egamerwithdisease Пре годину
Imagine just crying in fear sitting in a stationary jigsaw trap, thinking about what u did to deserve this and then u just see Jeff walking thru the door
Guac El Dono
Guac El Dono Пре годину
Jigsaw’s idea of “not killing people” is like a kid putting their finger right in your face, saying “I’m not touching you”
Massive Cow Breakout 755
Massive Cow Breakout 755 Пре годину
How to not get trapped:
Elissa Hurley
Elissa Hurley Пре годину
honestly Jeff accidentally killing the judge after he barely saved him was so ironic and satire humorous
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews Пре годину
Jeff really got the easiest trap plot ever and still blew it
YowLife Пре 3 године
If I can complain about this movie.
Aaron Ramtulla
Aaron Ramtulla Пре 2 године
Amanda’s death wasn’t satisfying enough imo. She straight up killed several of those victims had their ribs RIPPED OUT of their chest and her penance is a single bullet wound. Lame, she deserved much worse.
## Пре годину
So, Jigsaw chastises Slow-Ass Jeff for being "consumed by rage and vengeance" at the fact the drunk driver who killed his son got away scot-free? Jigsaw, the guy who imprisoned and tortured his doctor, insurance agency, guy who accidentally killed his unborn son, guy whose negligence caused the death of his nephew, and God knows how many more...
Main Breaker
Main Breaker Пре годину
For anyone confused like I was at the third death at the numbers, it’s a blue girl. Reason she is blue is because she froze to death I believe, James made a funny
X xNataliex X
X xNataliex X Пре 2 године
I feel bad for Timothy Young.... him crying just made me feel like he didn’t deserve that...
Zippy Пре годину
"Doctor, please! My foot is ripped off!"
Sanika Moghe
Sanika Moghe Пре 2 године
I hate Amanda. At least the older Jigsaw made traps that could at least be got out of gruesomely. But Amanda literally just made traps that were impossible to escape. I liked Kerry and hate Amanda for killing her.
Logan S.
Logan S. Пре 2 године
I feel like Jeff has had some of the easiest games to play in the whole franchise. Like, your kids toys? That's it? Wasn't someone thrown into a literal pit of used syringes last movie?
somerandomk9 Пре 2 године
Slmfjeff is one of the most infuriating characters ive ever seen.
GiDD Пре годину
I never understood how John, who looks like he’s in his 70s , married that chick.
salemcure Пре 2 године
me: I'm fine with gore! i don't get disturbed!
Sky Min
Sky Min Пре годину
“He finally hits the switch to burn up all the toys, giving us that unrated ending of Toy Story 3. That, admit it, you were kind of interested in seeing.” Lmfao he’s not lying
Grxxn Пре 2 године
Saw II : "not everything I say is a hint guys"
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