Get Out (2017) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Пре 4 године

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Пре 4 године
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Samuel Nottingham
Samuel Nottingham Пре годину
I love this movie because the protagonist actually makes good decisions
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
I liked the movie regardless of the distinct lack of kills. The movie had a powerful message and a genuinely fascinating story.
Marcus Doherty
Marcus Doherty Пре 2 године
I can't stop shivering every since I found out that the "GET OUT!" Wasn't a threat, but a warning from the real guy who was actually the black guy. Only truly good plot lines mess me up like that
Wavy Iann
Wavy Iann Пре годину
This movie is literally a “OHHHHHHH” type of movie when you rewatch it
Dymeek London
Dymeek London Пре 2 године
If y’all didn’t know she didn’t want Chris to give the cops his ID so he wouldn’t be in the system if he ever went missing!!!
ukîyo ø
ukîyo ø Пре годину
That moment when you realize that Andre was trying to save Chris when he said “GET OUT!”
Maekool Пре 2 године
bruh the amount of ppl talking about how dead meat is racist for emphasizing that he was picking the cotton are so annoying considering that the scene was literally meant to symbolize that
DoFishBlink? Пре 2 године
Theory: the reason the cop was asking for Chris’s license was because of the large amount of black people going missing in the area.
stech Пре 2 године
Ok, I’m just gonna say it. Whoever played as Chris should be in more movies, he acted so good
okayaira !
okayaira ! Пре годину
Colin Mitchell
Colin Mitchell Пре 2 године
Rewatching this movie is so angering. You see all of the thing they're were throwing in your face but you still never saw the twist coming. Like the fact that Rose wanted him to stop smoking because she wants to keep his body healthy, Rose defends Chris against the cop because she doesnt want a paper trail of him going to that house, Georgina was standing in the window because she was admiring her new body, Rose's dad say they wanted to keep "a piece" of their parents with them, there are so many details that you never noticed and it just shows how brilliant Jordan Peele is.
loonymoony Пре годину
I literally would’ve threw my phone if he actually got arrested
Tanks A Lot
Tanks A Lot Пре 3 године
This movie shows that horror isn't just slasher movies. A true horror movie can inflict fear and suspense without relying on constant blood shed.
RedThorneGamer Пре 2 године
in this movie rose uses the search engine bing which is a subtle nod to that fact that she is a deranged psycho path
wyd Пре 2 године
Funny how Rose's dad says that he doesn't like deer, but gets killed by one later.
Dianna Goudeau
Dianna Goudeau Пре годину
Peele said in a Q&A that he loves the symbolism that everyone reads into Rose's snack but that he just tried to think up the most psychopathic food and he came up with milk and cereal separately
The Octojelly
The Octojelly Пре 2 године
Chris (get out) and Erin (you're next) are honestly the most intelligent and badass people in horror movie history. Change my mind
Eren Nazir
Eren Nazir Пре годину
When the officer asks Chris to see his license and Rose intervenes, she really does it because she doesn’t want any record of Chris in the police file so when she tried to kill him, there wouldn’t be any evidence of him in the police’s disposal
XP zolo
XP zolo Пре 2 године
This whole movie has the line
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